Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's this??? March???

Okay, I know, I am a slacker.

How could it be March already??? Well, it's still 2 days away, but for all intents and purposes...

Sorry for the long "radio silence." Sometimes I avoid the computer like the plague because I don't want to get sucked into some hours-long enterprise.

Anyway, Maggie is blossoming in pre-k. She can recognize all of her letters and write most of them. She even knows some of the letter sounds and has started to recognize a couple of words here and there. They are learning to sign the alphabet in ASL also, which I think is great. She is thrilled about going to kindergarten next year at Mommy's school, and I am getting excited about it too.

Jack is growing and growing. He is so solid!!! He is over 20 pounds now and when you pick him up, he is like a lead weight! Just solidly built. He is not really crawling but does get around by scooting and rolling. This morning I came in to get him and he had sat himself up in the crib, so that is a good thing. I hope he will start pulling up soon. He likes to stand up. He is still a happy boy who loves people and laughs often, though a bit more clingy and sensitive nowadays. I think it is just separation anxiety.

We have all been sick last week. Maggie had the flu and passed it to me, and Jack has had a hard time getting over an ear infection. We are starting to wonder if he will need tubes like Maggie.

Well that's it for now...everyone keeps yelling for me to come and get Maggie ready for bed. Apparently she has been standing wet and naked and wrapped in a towel waiting for me for like ten minutes. Whoops. More later, I hope, including pictures. Love y'all!