Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maggie's Artwork

1. 2. 3.

Here are three recent, representative pieces of Maggie's artwork. I think these give a good representation of where she is developmentally with her academic learning. All three warm my heart for their own reasons. The first two are from pre-k during the past week. The third one I found lying around her playroom and I assume was made at home sometime recently.

1. This is a little stapled booklet. What mom wouldn't be moved by a book a child has made which is titled "Mom" as this one is? She explained to me that it's not about me, that's just the title. Also, the pictures inside are of some "bad guys," but no matter. Did I mention the title is "Mom"??

2. This fire truck is really cool. It was a result of a weeklong study of safety at pre-k, focusing on fire safety in particular. She was so proud to tell me, "I made it all by myself." Though I know from past experience that this does not necessarily mean that she actually had no help, I was still tickled by how proud she was, and I think it looks great. Too bad so much of the school artwork is done with construction paper, which has such a high acidity and tends to fade and deteriorate quicky over time. Thank God for modern technology which allows us to preserve this kind of thing.

3. Although her people look disturbingly like aliens, I am so proud as I see these funny little people littering the floor and tables all over our house. Her artwork during the past year has gone from complete "scribble scrabble" (as her 3-year-old class teachers taught her to disdainfully call it) to this recognizable work which includes actual key features of a human being, namely head, arms, legs, eyes, hair, and sometimes a mouth or ears. Around the time of her birthday I had her draw pictures on her thank you notes and she decided to draw a picture of each person. Those also included the people's "bottom" on the drawing. I think she meant their girl and boy parts. Ew on the anatomically correct drawings. But at least she is thinking about true-to-life detail. :o)